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Wicker cultivation involves cultivating and processing wicker and producing wicker semi-finished products.  The raw material created in the Wicker Industry is weaving material for weavers on the domestic and foreign market. Our long-standing experience and knowledge of our customers’ requirements have contributed towards ensuring that the raw material we produce is of very good quality, and we offer all the most popular kinds of wicker.

Industrial wicker is a perennial plant cultivated in plantations specially prepared for this purpose. For a plantation to be productive, it is necessary, from the very beginning when a plantation is established, to choose suitable land, tend the plants carefully, protect them against pests, and harvest them at the appropriate time.


Wicker plantation – The land for the wicker is cultivated once in 10-15 years. The measures carried out before planting depend on what was previously cultivated on that land. Such measures include ploughing and harrowing. When establishing the plantation, one must also appropriately fertilise the soil, best of all with manure, and one must also, in the early spring, lime the field. The wicker seedlings arise through vegetative reproduction, i.e. from cut one-year or two-year wicker rods. The wicker for the seedlings must be uniform in terms of type, healthy (without pests), come from a plantation with luxuriant growth so that the seedlings will be able to grow strongly, and must have been cut in January or February. 


Wicker processing:

1. Planting the wicker - spring

2. Tending the plants during the vegetative period

3. Reaping the wicker – autumn

4. Bundling the reaped wicker – placing it in cones.

5. Sorting the undecorticated fresh (reaped) wicker according to size

6. Soaking the wicker (spring) and boiling it (the whole year)

7. Decorticating the wicker

8. Drying the decorticated wicker

9. Bundling the decorticated wicker into sheaves weighing 5 or 10 kg depending on the size.


Boiling the wicker – is done in metal boilers specially built for this purpose. Wicker which has been sorted according to size is placed in the boiler. As a result of boiling the wicker in the boiler and following decortication in a machine, wicker with a light brown and orangey hue is obtained – the most popular shade. Wicker boiling and decortication can be done throughout the year.


Weaving – involves weaving products from wicker and derivative raw materials. These are products for popular use, including baskets, furniture, decorative and utility products, etc. The woven products end up on the domestic and the foreign market. All products offered are hand-woven – they constitute a branch of Folk Handicrafts. An appropriately prepared raw material and tools are a prerequisite for a good and efficient production of goods.

Our company has been on the market since 1974.

In our operations we endeavour to make the best possible products,

and in return, over those decades, we have won

numerous prizes, words of thanks, trophies, diplomas and distinctions.

This achievement necessitates an enormous amount of work and commitment on the part of all employees.


In our offer, we have a wide selection of furniture made of wicker, which can be used in every home and garden as well as in offices, waiting rooms and other premises. It provides a warm and elegant form of decor. Wicker furniture is light, thus enabling it to be easily moved. The products can be enriched by painting them with a transparent varnish or paints for wood.

All our products arouse great interest and possess the Certificate of the National Artistic and Ethnographic Commission of the “Cepelia” Foundation, which proves that they are Folk and Artistic Handicraft products.


On the foreign market too, great interest is shown in our raw material and our products. We cooperate with both our eastern and western neighbours.


We hope that you will soon visit our company, and warmly invite you to do so!



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